Children and adults from across Cornwall and beyond with physical disabilities and life-limiting conditions can now take to the waves thanks to a couple of community-minded local National Lottery winners.

The Wave Project is committed to making surfing accessible to all.  However, until now due to the specialist equipment required, the charity has only been able to deliver adaptive surfing for those with physical disabilities in North Devon.

When they heard about The Wave Project’s desire to bring adaptive surfing to Cornwall, Newquay’s National Lottery winners - Viv and Kev Moss, and Taryn and Grant Hawkes - leapt at the chance to get involved.

Calling in some favours, they helped The Wave Project source specialist equipment which will make surfing a reality for many local people who would otherwise be watching from the shoreline.

Taking to the water themselves to support the first people using the new equipment, Viv and Taryn are no strangers to the Cornish coastline. They know first-hand the benefits of being in and on the water.

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Viv, who won a Lotto jackpot with her husband Kev back in 1998, said: “Every day without fail, I will be down by the sea in one form or another, either walking the dog or - when the water gets above 9 degrees - I’ll aim to swim.

"The sheer joy and freedom I feel when I’m in the water is something I never take for granted, and to know that this equipment will help local disabled people enjoy that same feeling is utterly priceless.”

In full agreement, Viv’s friend and fellow National Lottery millionaire Taryn feels equally passionate about making the waves accessible to all. She said: “Before our win, money was very tight because my husband Grant had been forced to give up work due to ill health.

"The ocean was always our go-to happy place as a family, and it didn’t cost us a penny. And when our kids wanted to surf, I volunteered with a local community surf group to get them time on the boards.

Falmouth Packet: Thumbs up! Thumbs up! (Image: Supplied)

“Although now I am more usually found rowing with my gig crew from Newquay it’s been great to get back into my wetsuit and help the team from The Wave Project deliver this taster session.

“Knowing that the favours we have called in have enabled The Wave Project to purchase the adaptive surfing kit for a base here in Cornwall is magical. And I’m sure it will lead to many magical moments for local people as they take to the waves for the first time.”

The Wave Project’s Adaptive Surfing Hub in Cornwall will be launching at Watergate Bay soon.

For more information on adaptive surfing, please email