Helston’s Flora Day Association's representatives have recently received a cheque from a local young farmers club which will help them buy an essential item for the future of the Children's Dance on Flora Day. 

Last month, Helston and St Keverne Young Farmers Club successfully organised a sponsored event called 'Florathon' to raise funds for two local charities: Man Down and Stem Cell Research at the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

More than £1300 was raised with both charities receiving £550 each. 

In addition, they also decided to give the remaining £250 to the Helston Flora Day Association. 

The 12-hour Florathon dance took place at Burnick Farm on May 1 at 7am with people from different villages and towns in Cornwall joining the charity dance, including Flora Day secretary Nick Wills and chairman Martin Wallis.

Falmouth Packet: Martin Wallis (L) Ed Hosken (C) and Ollie Pearce (R) with cheque Martin Wallis (L) Ed Hosken (C) and Ollie Pearce (R) with cheque (Image: Claire Hosken)

At 5pm, the procession left the Gunwalloe farm and danced into town to join in with the May Day Parade outside Yeoman’s Garage (formally the VW garage.)

Representatives from the Flora Day Association attended Burnuick Farm on May 26 to receive the £250 cheque from Ollie Pearce (secretary) and Ed Hosken (chairman) of Helston and St Keverne Young Farmers Club.

The cheque will be used to buy a music speaker that they can use during the Children's Dance on Flora Day.


A spokesperson from The Flora Day Association said: “With over 1,000 children dancing every year, everything we can do to help the children hear the music for as long as possible is a great help.

“The Flora Day Association would like to thank the Wallis family and all at Helston and St Keverne YFC for their fundraising efforts.”