Another stunning Humpback Whale has been captured on video breaching off the coast of Cornwall.

This time the video was recorded by well known Cadgwith fisher Danny Phillips of the coast of the picturesque fishing village.

The video of the whale was captured last week just days after film of (the same?) Humpback was captured on camera by Linda Cassidy and her partner Ryan from Evocean Sailing.

Falmouth Packet: The Humpback Whale was filmed off Cadgwith by fisherman Danny PhillipsThe Humpback Whale was filmed off Cadgwith by fisherman Danny Phillips (Image: Danny Phillips/Instagram)

Danny's video captures the whale breaching before it comes right along the boat on his back smashing its massive fins on the water as if playing with the crew.

Sharing the video on its Facebook page from Danny's Instagram page, AK Wildlife Cruises said: "A truly spectacular sighting and our congratulations go to Danny Phillips for capturing the simply mind blowing encounter!

"Humpback Whales have grown in numbers massively compared to the numbers that were seen just 10 years ago, and that is massively thanks to the end of whaling and the prolonged period of recovery for the populations of these magnificent whales.

"Incredibly, it's now at the point where the British Isles act as a resting ground and part of the migratory route for humpback whales.


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"We love more than anything to be able to be able to see and witness these animals as well as recording them, helping to further our knowledge about these spectacular animals! Especially considering that they are possibly the most well-known marine mammal and being the staple for marine conservation worldwide.

"We can see these animals at anytime of year especially given the remarkability of Falmouth Bay's ecosystems, showcasing the brilliant biodiversity found all around Cornwall, but especially in Falmouth."