People living in Helston are invited to a meeting to share suggestions about a new cafe that is hoped will open in one of the town's parks. 

It's as the town council prepares to officially unveil new play equipment there. 

A £1 million revamp is underway at the community area on George V playing fields, which has included £59,000 being spent on creating new pathways and installing new play equipment in the children’s play area.

Among the new equipment is a three-bay swing set including a double swing with a variety of other different seating options.

There is also a wheelchair-accessible roundabout, two ‘springy seats’ and a ‘freestyle’ unit for older children that mimics the motion of a skateboard ramp.

A summer celebration to re-open the revamped play area is taking place from 11am this Sunday (July 2) when there will fun activities including face painting, nature trails and refreshments, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the park at 12pm.  

As part of the overall regeneration of the park, a community cafe is also being considered, in place of the existing old toilet block. 

Now Helston Town Council is inviting people in the community to a meeting to discuss ideas about the cafe. 

It will give locals a chance to say what they would like to see at the café, including design ideas or other suggestions to put forward.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 26 at 7pm in Helston Guildhall.

If you are interested in taking part, RSVP to or contact Helston Town Council.


Explaining about the cafe suggestion, following a recent survey about the park, Helston's projects officer Charlotte Caldwell said: "Many people in the survey said that they don’t feel safe going to the park and that there needs to be more intergenerational interaction between young and old people, to break down barriers.

"The community café would provide opportunities for people to volunteer, but we would look for an operator to run it who was community minded and possibly run as a social enterprise.

“We are also hoping that food grown in the raised beds can be used in the café menu. We want it to really appeal to locals, families - including young and old - so that more people stay in the park to enjoy the space for longer.”