A CORNWALL-based theatre company has announced that one of its shows has been adapted for film and will be screening in cinemas across Cornwall. 

Theatre company Wildworkshas has said it is delighted to announce its show 'I AM KEVIN' has been reimagined for film and will receive its world premiere on Sunday, July 9 in Truro’s Plaza Cinema from 6pm. 

The event will also be followed by screenings in cinemas across Cornwall until Saturday, July 29.

Captured during its live performances on Cornwall’s Carlyon Beach during the summer of 2022 but with added extras, I AM KEVIN is a genre-defying, theatre/film hybrid.

Described as ‘dark, humorous, fiery and honest’, it is ultimately a moving story about imagination and grief - about being lost in the dark, and realising you are not alone.

Through ‘I AM KEVIN’ the film, cinemagoers will be invited to let their imaginations run wild on a journey of impossibility, joining a young boy on his eventful quest to find the light in the darkness.

The first opportunity to see I AM KEVIN on screen is on Sunday, July 9, in Truro’s Plaza Cinema from 6pm, followed by the White River Cinema in St Austell on Thursday 13 at 6pm and at Regal Cinema, Redruth on Thursday 20 July at 7.30pm.

I AM KEVIN will subsequently be screened at the Savoy Cinema in Penzance on Thursday 27 2023 at 7.30pm and The Poly, Falmouth will show the film on Saturday 29 2023 from 7.30pm.

Each screening will be followed by an engaging Q&A session with a variation of different cast members, creatives and community.

Wildworks’ artistic director, Mydd Pharo said: "There is magic in live theatre, it is ephemeral, existing for a moment and then disappearing, only remaining in people’s memories.

"So, from the beginning we weren’t trying to create a facsimile of what we created on the beach. Instead, we returned to the earlier work, sections of narrative and research that had come from our work with communities in and around St Austell.

"We worked with some quite specialist groups that look at mental health and help people live through trauma. It’s been really special to add those extra layers to the film."

Wildworks’ CEO and I Am Kevin producer, Emma Hogg said: "We're really excited for the screenings across Cornwall in July and we're now in conversations about screenings outside of Cornwall over the coming months.

"It's a brilliant opportunity to showcase the fantastic creative talent we have here and we're really grateful to the Screen Growth Fund run by Cultivator Cornwall, for supporting this film."

I AM KEVIN has been rated 12A by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) meaning it is suitable for children aged 12 and above and possibly under if accompanied by an adult.

The film has a duration of 97 minutes followed by an optional Q&A session.

Tickets for an adult are priced at £8.50 and £6.80 for seniors.

For more information about the film, Wildworks, and to book tickets, please visit: https://wildworks.org.uk/projects/i-am-kevin-film/.