The Fixture List, as it presently stands, for Friendly, Premiership Cup and Championship League home and away games is as below, writes Phil Westren.

It is important to note that it is only a general guide.

An official update to provide further information on the Cup Fixtures is awaited, whilst the Cornish Pirates have at present just chosen the days when they expect to play their home league games.

The news will follow from opposition teams with their choice of weekend dates (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), as will kick-off times for all matches to be played.

Friendly 1 - Saturday 19th August

Cornish Pirates v Plymouth Albion – ko 2.30 pm

Friendly 2 – Saturday 26th August

Plymouth Albion v Cornish Pirates – ko 3pm

Cup Round 1 – weekend Saturday 9th September

Cup Round 2 – weekend Saturday 16th September

Cup Round 3 – weekend Saturday 23rd September

Cup Round 4 – weekend Saturday 30th September

Cup Round 5 – weekend Saturday 7th October

League Round 1 – Saturday 21st October

Cornish Pirates v London Scottish – ko TBC

League Round 2 – Saturday 28th October

Cornish Pirates v Bedford Blues – ko TBC

League Round 3 – weekend Saturday 4th November

Jersey Reds v Cornish Pirates – ko TBC

Weekend 11th November – A ‘Reserve’ Weekend

Round 4 – Saturday 18th November

Cornish Pirates v Caldy – ko TBC

Round 5 – weekend Saturday 25th November

Ampthill v Cornish Pirates – ko TBC

Round 6 - Sunday 3rd December

Cornish Pirates v Doncaster Knights – ko TBC

Weekend 9th December – A ‘Reserve’ Weekend

Round 7 – weekend Saturday 16th December

Ealing Trailfinders v Cornish Pirates – ko TBC

Round 8 – Saturday 23rd December

Cornish Pirates v Hartpury – ko TBC

Weekend 30th December – A Free Weekend

Weekend 6th January – A ‘No Rugby’ Weekend

Round 9 – weekend Saturday 13th January

Cambridge v Cornish Pirates – ko TBC

Round 10 – Saturday 20th January

Cornish Pirates v Nottingham – ko TBC

Round 11 – weekend Saturday 27th January

Coventry v Cornish Pirates – ko TBC

Round 12 – weekend Saturday 3rd February

Bedford Blues v Cornish Pirates – ko TBC

Weekend 10th February – A ‘Reserve’ Weekend

Saturday 17th February – Cup Semi-Final

Round 13 – Friday 23rd February

Cornish Pirates v Jersey Reds – ko TBC

Round 14 – weekend Saturday 2nd March

Caldy v Cornish Pirates – ko TBC

Round 15 – Sunday 10th March

Cornish Pirates v Ampthill – ko TBC

Weekend 16th March – Cup Final

Round 16 – weekend Saturday 23rd March

Doncaster Knights v Cornish Pirates - ko TBC

Weekend 30th March – A ‘No Rugby’ Weekend

Round 17 – Friday 5th April

Cornish Pirates v Ealing Trailfinders – ko TBC

Round 18 – weekend Saturday 13th April

Hartpury v Cornish Pirates – ko TBC

Round 19 – Sunday 21st April

Cornish Pirates v Cambridge – ko TBC

Weekend 27th April – A ‘Reserve’ Weekend

Round 20 – weekend Saturday 4th May

Nottingham v Cornish Pirates – ko TBC

Round 21 – Saturday 11th May

Cornish Pirates v Coventry – ko TBC

Weekend 18th May – A ‘Reserve’ Weekend

Round 22 – weekend Saturday 25th May

London Scottish v Cornish Pirates – ko TBC

Weekend 1st June – Play-Off (1st Leg)

Weekend 8th June – Play-Off (2nd Leg)

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