Up to 20 new homes could be built in St Keverne with a set criteria to make sure they go to local families.

St Keverne's Housing Working Party (HWP) has today (Tuesday) announced its intention to deliver up to 20 affordable homes for local families in the parish.

Formed by St Keverne Parish Council in 2022, the HWP is working in partnership with Cornwall Community Land Trust (CCLT) to tackle the severe shortage of affordable homes for local families.

A suitable site has now been identified for the development, and in the coming months, the HWP says it will be inviting all residents of the Parish to give their feedback on the proposals via a Housing Needs Survey.

The exact composition of the development in terms of types of homes is yet to be determined, however, it is likely to be a mix of one, two, three, and four-bedroom properties including bungalows. It is also said that there will be a number of tenure options including rental and shared ownership.

The HWP has said the homes will be sold or rented at a price affordable to local families, and that access to the homes will be reserved for those that can demonstrate, against a list of established criteria, a connection to the parish.

It also claims the properties will be for the benefit of the entire parish, and the homes will remain designated for affordable local needs in perpetuity.

A spokesperson said: "The site identified for the potential development is on the eastern edge of the village of St Keverne. The landowners are a local family with long-established ties to the parish and many of its institutions, and have made clear their enthusiasm for the project and its long-term community benefit.

"The site will allow the development of approximately 20 homes with space to allow for sufficient parking, gardens, and common space.

"The site is well-connected to the village, being only a five-minute walk to the Square and the services and transport links."


The area of land earmarked for housing (Image: St Keverne Housing Working Party)

The area of land earmarked for housing (Image: St Keverne Housing Working Party)


HWP say they are also exploring the possibility of a direct pedestrian and cycleway to provide the site with a safe and seamless pedestrian route to the school and playing fields.

The next step will see the HWP inviting all residents of the parish to give their feedback on the proposals via a Housing Needs Survey. This will be issued in mid to late September, and delivered to each household in the parish, as well as being available to complete online.

In addition to inviting general feedback on the proposals, the Housing Needs Survey will help determine the design and composition of the proposed development.

The HWP say they feel that this development could contribute significantly to solving one of the most difficult issues the parish faces and they look forward to receiving input and feedback on the proposals from the community in the coming weeks and months.