A possibility of a retail unit for small businesses to be set up in the heart of Helston has been discussed by members of the town council.

At Helston Town Council’s latest full meeting, mayor Miles Kenchington put forward the idea of a unit specifically for small retail businesses to open in the town centre.

The council members discussed the feasibility of the unit including cost, the management and where in Helston it could be based.

Cllr Kenchington hopes that if the unit was to go ahead, it would support small retail business owners starting up to sell their products in the heart of Helston’s town centre.

Cllr Kenchington told the Packet: “The unit, if it was to go ahead, would be specifically retail, not business.


"The idea is very much that small retail businesses would like to have an outlet but can’t afford high levels of rent in bigger units.

“There would be a few small businesses under one roof, some selling jewellery, or another selling art.

“If it was to go ahead, the unit would be based either on Meneage Street or Coinagehall Street where people tend to come to shop.”

At this current time, the plan for a unit is just an idea, and nothing has been approved. 

The idea may be reminiscent to many peole who remember Helston Arcade, based in one of the larger shop buildings on Coinagehall Street.

It housed several small businesses including Andy’s Barbers and T & T Games in the building, which was eventually taken over by Peacocks in 2002. 

This latest idea is not connected to, and entirely separate from, the current proposal of a Helston Workbox in the Guildhall restoration and reimagining plans.

As previously reported in the Packet, Helston Town Council launched a survey last month to assess demand from local small businesses in Helston and the surrounding areas for developing coworking space in the Guildhall restoration and reimagining plans.

The Workbox is designed to provide space for members as and when they need it – an alternative to taking a separate office away from home.

The council, along with the CIC, have been working to improve the future of Helston following an unsuccessful bid for £17 million to transform the town centre in January of this year.

The bid for Helston’s Place Shaping Board included three projects which were Helston Gateway refurbishment, Helston Cultural Quarter and Connecting Helston transport improvements.

Since then, members of Helston Town Council have organised group workshops with local people and business owners to discuss ‘where the town is now’ and ‘how it can be changed for the future’.

Refurbishment works have taken place across the town, including the opening of the play park at King George V play area in Coronation Gardens.

The project was able to go ahead after Helston Town Council received £37,000 from Cornwall Council in February to help towards the project from the second round of its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Fund.

What do you think about the possibility of a retail unit based in the heart of Helston? Contact kate.lockett@newsquest.co.uk.