THE Council have revealed upcoming changes to household waste collection services in Cornwall - which will start this year. 

In a bid to help people recycle more and reduce their rubbish and cut our carbon footprint, Cornwall Council will introduce three new waste collection services area by area in stages across Cornwall this year.

The changes are as follows:

  • The council will provide a new separate weekly food waste collection service.
  • Most households in Cornwall will receive a wheelie bin to protect rubbish. For those who don’t have anywhere to store or put a wheelie bin out for collection, a reusable protective sack will be provided instead.
  • To help recycle food waste, a lockable food waste bin to store it in will be supplied.
  • For those who live in a flat, apartment or property with shared bins, the council will look at your current collection arrangements and make any changes with your particular circumstances in mind.

To order recycling bags and boxes, visit:

The council will inform the public directly ahead of the waste collection changes in your area.

For more information and updates follow CornwallRecycles on Facebook.