Two teenagers cut off by the tide had to be rescued after attempting to climb cliffs to escape the rising sea.

The rescue was at the start of a busy weekend for Mullion Coastguard Rescue Team who were called out three times.

The team was paged on Saturday afternoon to reports of two teenagers who had been cut off by the tide, and were attempting to climb the Polurrian Cove cliffs.

The alarm was raised by the RNLI Lifeguards on the beach, who had already raised the red flag for no swimming, due to the sea conditions.

However once on scene the teenagers had managed to climb their way out of danger and returned to the beach.

Safety advice was given to both teenagers and parents. The team was then stood down and returned to station.

Later that evening the team paged to investigate a red signal flare, that had been spotted near Kennack Sands beach.


Lifeboats launched to swimmers in difficulty in rough seas

Once on scene, they made contact with the first informant who had originally seen the flare, and with the help of the flank team Porthoustock Coastguard Rescue Team, a shoreline search was conducted over the beach and surrounding areas.

Unfortunately due to the sea mist nothing was found. It was then decided by Falmouth Ops room that all possible avenues had been searched, and they were stood down and returned to station.

On Sunday the team was paged to reports of a kayaker in the water with a dislocated shoulder, in the area of Soapy cove, nr lower Predannack Downs.

A rescue helicopter and The Lizard RNLI Lifeboat were also sent to search/locate and bring the casualty to safety. Luckily they had a personal distress beacon, which enabled all parties to find the casualty quickly.

Once they had been taken onboard the lifeboat, the team were stood down and returned to station.