The Legend of King Arthur – A Pre-Raphaelite Love Story is in its final month and the response from visitors has been overwhelmingly positive.

In a report to Falmouth Town Council's cultural services and leisure committee next week, Falmouth Art Gallery said the first four days of the exhibition saw a 300% increase in footfall on the same four days last year.

Falmouth Packet: Edward Burne Jones and William Morris - The Holy Grail Tapestries - The armingEdward Burne Jones and William Morris - The Holy Grail Tapestries - The arming (Image: Falmouth Art Gallery)

The exhibition continues to be a success with many people flocking to see famous paintings, tapestries and drawings by Pre-Raephaelite artists including Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne Jones, William Morris, John William Waterhouse's famous Lady of Shalott and Arthur Hughes.

Alongside the exhibition itself, which closes on September 30, the gallery has hosted a number of workshops, tours and talks.

The reports says the success of the show demonstrates the capacity that the gallery has for future endeavours of this type, and there will be an evaluation of the exhibition following its conclusion, which we will use to inform its strategic development.

Quotes from the gallery visitor book include: ‘Fantastic exhibition – wonderful to see these in Cornwall."

"Fantastic and all for free, paintings and art I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see.’ and even: "Exquisite! I came all the way from Canberra Australia to see this" with one person writing: "Truly beautiful. I have loved these paintings since I was a child.

"Unbelievably grateful to see them in person."

Following this, the next exhibitions will be ‘Line’, a two-room show, which will be on from October 14– January 6 2024, and will explore one of the fundamental elements of art. It follows the lines in the gallery collection and explores the many uses of this deceptively simple element.

Also from October to January will be a one-room exhibition of ‘Falmouth Favourites’, where the Lady of Shalott study will continue to be exhibited, along with a selection of works by Tuke, Opie, Hemy, Anderson, and other notable artists in the collection.