Truro has been named as the UK's greenest city by online estate agency Yopa.

The company published the results of its green spaces research and identified the top ten best ‘green’ towns and cities in the United Kingdom with Truro taking top spot.

In an effort to spotlight the most environmentally beneficial locations across the UK, Yopa has conducted extensive analysis that delves into various elements of sustainability and green living.

Truro's achievement has been calculated using certain pieces of data including air pollution levels, availability of outdoor spaces, and residents’ engagement with environmental concerns. With an overall score of 70/100, Truro beats every other studied location in the UK.

Truro records the highest number of Google searches per capita for critical topics such as 'climate change' and ‘recycling’.

Additionally, the city exhibits an evident consciousness towards electric vehicles, with more searches relative to the population than any other city in the study, a statistic that reflects its population’s interest in sustainable choices.

Leading the Green Parade Securing their places in the top five greenest towns and cities are Stirling, Salisbury, Perth, and Canterbury.

These locations stand out for their commendably low CO2 emissions and impressive proportions of household waste sent for recycling.

This list extends to encompass Bath, Chester, Edinburgh, Lichfield, and Aberdeen in the top ten, all of which have showcased remarkable dedication to sustainable living.

Verona Frankish, CEO of Yopa, comments: "As leaders in the hybrid estate agency industry, it is our responsibility to provide valuable insights that transcend the boundaries of property transactions.

"Our research encapsulates Yopa's dedication to creating a sustainable future, offering a roadmap for communities and individuals to be a part of meaningful change. As the world's gaze turns to the upcoming G20 summit, we stand proud in contributing to the conversation of a greener and more sustainable future."