One of Cornwall Council’s biggest office buildings has been put up for sale or rent just months after a proposal for the site to be completely demolished.  

The Dolcoath offices in Camborne - one of Cornwall Council’s largest buildings - have been put on the market with the opportunity to either buy or rent. 

In June a scrutiny committee at Cornwall Council heard proposals for the building to be demolished being put forward.

It is now listed on Rightmove, as well as the website for the agents dealing with property, Vickery Holman.

Details state: “This property is in a predominantly residential location, however there is a Tesco food store approximately 0.25 miles distant and other amenities and employment opportunities nearby.

“The property is a very substantial detached office building, purpose-built as HQ-style premises in the 1960s for CompAir Holman but subsequently used by Kerrier District Council and then Cornwall Council.

“The building has a mix of cellular and mainly open plan offices on each of five floors with a reception area on the ground floor. There are two passenger lifts and two separate staircases. Each floor has a breakout space and welfare facilities. The property has been subject to periodic upgrades over its lifetime.

"There are approximately 262 car parking spaces situated on the main site and further overflow parking which adjoins the main site.

“As part of a freehold sale, a detached two-bedroom detached bungalow in the grounds of the main building could be included.”

The agent also quotes that the current rateable value is believed to be £275,000. Interested parties are advised to confirm the rating liability (rates payable) with Cornwall Council.

Both the sale and rental price for the 48,367 square foot (4,493.29 square metre) building are available on application. 

Falmouth Packet: The building has now been put up for sale The building has now been put up for sale (Image: LDR)

As previously reported in the Packet, the council said that since the Covid-19 pandemic, the Dolcoath office had only been at or around 10% of capacity.

Average occupancy was around 62 people per day, peaking at 68 compared to a previous capacity of around 600 council workers. However, more and more people were choosing to work from home instead of commuting to the office.

The meeting in June heard that the building costs almost £500,000 a year to operate and would require an investment of £6.4m capital (including £1.3m on essential maintenance to external cladding) to remain in operation.

A report by the council’s service director Peter Marsh said the cost of demolition and improvements to alternative offices would be significantly lower, estimated at £2.65m. 

The proposal to demolish the building to make way for social housing was criticised in that meeting, with the mayor of Redruth saying the council was stabbing the people of Camborne and Redruth in the back - although there had also been support previously for the idea, by both Cornwall councillors and some town councillors in Camborne.