A foreign language club has returned to Helston, following its success last year. 

Helston’s Café Polyglot returned on Wednesday, September 20 and is located upstairs at the Inn and Still.

The informal group is an opportunity for anyone and any standard to practise their foreign language skills.

There are tables for French, Spanish and Italian language, but any language can be represented.

Café Polyglot organisers are also looking for some people who can speak German to come along and help those who want to learn the language.

There are Café Polyglots all over the world including one in Plougasnou, Helston’s twin town in Brittany and the clubs in Penzance and Falmouth have welcomed people from all over Europe and beyond.


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When the group was launched in 2022 organiser Phillip Hanman at the time said: “You don’t have to be fantastic at a language, just keen. These are not lessons but we all learn from each other. It’s a great opportunity to brush up on that schoolboy French or rusty German.

"The other clubs in the area have regular tables for Spanish, German, French and Italian and we hope to have the same in Helston, but of course all other languages are welcome. There is nothing to pay. You simply turn up, buy a drink and be prepared to chat with people in the language of your choice. If this project is a success, we intend to add a bit of variety with things like musical evenings and quizzes."

For those interested in taking part, there is no membership, all you need to do is head to the Inn and Still, buy a drink if you wish and head upstairs to where the group is being held and start talking – or even listening.

Groups meet every other Wednesday during term time.

For further information phone Phil or Giuliana on 01736 361033.