Falmouth Harbour is hosting an open day at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth on October 5 at which members of the public can attend.

From 10am onwards a series of free public lectures will be given.

These include “Capturing life below our waterline” – a lesson in underwater photography by Martin Stevens. This is followed by a panel from Cornwall Wildlife Trust and British Divers Marine Life Rescue discussing “Living, Working and Leisure alongside marine species.”

Other lectures will be by the RNLI, Cornwall Climate and Falmouth Uncovered.

A team from Falmouth Harbour will be on hand at the next lecture “Building a Pilotage Service for Falmouth.”

They will give an interesting update on pilotage operations and the new Falmouth pilot boat being built for delivery here next year.

For further details and free tickets for the lectures visit www.falmouthharbour.co.uk/openday2023/