A WOMAN whose crime spree included stealing over £150 worth of products from stores in Truro has been sentenced by magistrates in Cornwall. 

Tiffani Buchan, aged 27, of Wheal Vyvyan in Constantine, appeared in front of magistrates at Truro Magistrates' Court on Thursday, September 28, 2023, on three counts of theft from a shop. 

The offences took place on Saturday, April 22, 2023, in Truro where Buchan stole five items, to the value of £61.01, belonging to HMV, three items, to the value of £42.99, belonging to Sports Direct, and four items, to the value of £47.00, belonging to The Body Shop.

She indicated a plea of guilty to all three of the offences when she appeared in court on Thursday September 28. 

During her sentencing, Buchan was conditionally discharged for a period of 12 months and made to pay costs of £85 to he Crown Prosecution Service. 

The court noted how her guilty pleas had been taken into account when imposing the sentence. 

According to the Sentencing Council, the sentences dealt for theft from a shop can vary depending on several factors. If the goods are worth less than £200, the maximum sentence is six months’ custody. If the goods are worth more than £200, the maximum sentence is seven years’ custody.

However, they are less likely to receive a custodial sentence if there is a realistic prospect of rehabilitation, or there are strong mitigating circumstances such as the offender showing a determination to address their offending behaviour.