Pre-application advice is being sought on plans to turn an existing waterside office building in Ponsharden in student accommodation.

Advice is being sought for a change of use and extension of existing office building to provide student accommodation at Waterside House in Falmouth Road, Penryn.

Falmouth Packet: Both wings would be convertedBoth wings would be converted (Image: Google/Street View)

Hudd Properties based in Bath have applied to convert the property from its current state as a home for a number of businesses and turn the whole building into student accommodation.

At a presentation to Penryn Town Council earlier this year, Tim Jones from the trustees gave an overview of the property history and the reasons why the trustees had opted to go for Student Accommodation rather than a care home or open market flats.

Falmouth Packet: The proposed south elevationThe proposed south elevation (Image: Hudd Properties/Cornwall Council)

Richard Collett of RTP Surveyors presented the indicative details of the proposed student accommodation, which would compromise of individual en-suite rooms (cluster flats) with a communal kitchen area. There will be approximately seven to ten rooms per communal kitchen.

Falmouth Packet: The proposed north elevationThe proposed north elevation (Image: Hudd Properties/Cornwall Council)

Following the completion of the presentation councillors were given the opportunity to ask questions.

There are many business currently based in Waterside House including Falmouth Chiropractors, Clipper Construction Limited, Pants Cancer Charity, Julia Evans Accountants, Clipper Construction Limited and Waterside Dental Care.

The outcome of the advice on the application is still awaited from Cornwall Council.