Police with dogs were seen searching the side of the road along the A39 near Treluswell at the weekend looking for items that may have been thrown out of a passing car.

The search came after a vehicle failed to stop for police between the Treuswell and Treliever roundabout on the A39 on Saturday morning.

The vehicle fled the area shortly before 12pm and information received by the police suggested that items may have been thrown from the vehicle.


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The police brought in dogs to search the verges causing some delays for people in their vehicles who were forced to queue after another vehicle was also reported to have gone onto a hedge on the A393, Lanner road.

The accident was not thought to be linked to the earlier incident but police at the scene were praised for their courtesy by road users caught up in the traffic jam.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said that enquiries were ongoing into the fail to stop vehicle: “A vehicle failed to stop for police in the area and fled the area shortly before 12pm,” they said. “There was also information to suggest that items may have been discarded from the car. Enquiries are ongoing."