After a hiatus of several years, the Grade Ruan Autumn Village Show finally returned this year. 

On a glorious warm sunny day, the autumn show returned after a hiatus of several years due to the Covid pandemic and personal reasons forcing the event to be cancelled.

A good crowd turned out to welcome the return of the show to look at some of the work exhibitors and to catch up with friends over a cup of tea and a slice of cake. 

However, on the Friday prior to the show, organisers were slightly concerned as to whether there would be anything displayed on the benches for members of the public to see. But, as the morning progressed, the hall was filled with produce including 4ft carrots and a stage full of fodder beet greeted along with cakes, photos, crafts and floral displays.

Falmouth Packet: Rosenwyn was one of the child winnersRosenwyn was one of the child winners (Image: Grade Ruan Show)The show was officially opened at 3pm by Jane Talbot, the head of the village school. Jane commended all exhibitors on their efforts, both young and old. She then went on to present the trophies including the best in the show which was won by show stalwart Clarence Thomas with his collection of vegetables, he also won the most show points.

Show chairman, John Trewin was delighted to see all the public attending and reminded people in his opening address that the hard work of the committee who put on the show only provided the framework, it is the efforts of everyone else including exhibitors and the public alike who make the show.

Falmouth Packet: Clarence Show won a number of cups, including best in showClarence Show won a number of cups, including best in show (Image: Grade Ruan Show)A show spokesperson said: “It was lovely to see so many come through the door, buy a raffle, have a cup of tea and a piece of cake, have a look around and have a chat because, after all, that is what these village events are for.

“It is too easy for us just to live in our own bubble, and this is what makes the area we live in special.