More information regarding the progression of the community banking hub in Helston has been revealed at Helston Town Council's latest full meeting. 

On Thursday (October 19) Melissa Whittaker, community engagement manager for Cash Access gave councillors an update on the status of the community hub in the town.

Melissa explained to councillors what the status is with the progression of the hub. She said: “We have found a suitable property and are currently in negotiations with premises in Helston which is taking a bit of time.

“As an absolute last resort, if we are not able to get the banking hub open by the 12 months since the announcement was made, we may be looking at a possible temporary location.”

Melissa then gave a description of what services customers would be able to access once the Hub is open. She said: “Customers will be able to use a counter service operated by the Post office for regular cash transactions between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

“Community banking representatives from each bank will be at the bank on certain days and each community banking representative will be able to deal with more complex needs if needed.”

With progress being made and hopes for the hub to open in Helston very soon, Melissa told the Packet: “I am more than happy to talk to the community of Helston about the hub and to answer any question they may have.

“We are on our way and doing our best.”


As previously reported in the Packet in June, Helston Town Council had confirmed that “significant progress” was being made on the creation of a Community Banking Hub for the town, following the closures of all the banks and ATMs in the town centre.

A post which was shared on the council’s Facebook page at the time said: “We will soon have leaflets and a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ factsheet that we will be able to share with the Helston community, which will explain how the baking hub will work.

“We expect the banking hub to be open in the next eight months, so watch this space for more news once the location of the hub is revealed.”

More information is available through the Cash Access UK website