POLICE in Falmouth and Helston have out a warning to anyone planning on trick-or-treating this Halloween

Falmouth and Helston Police have shared a message urging anyone planning on trick-or-treating this Halloween to consider that not everyone may want people knocking on their doors after dark.

According to police, anyone looking to spend Halloween evening trick-or-treating should look out for people who have decorations outside their houses as they will most likely be more open to the idea of trick-or-treating than those who don't. 

They have also advised that, if people are unsure as to whether a house is open to trick-or-treaters, play it safe and stick to the houses of people they know. 

In a statement posted on its social media page, Falmouth and Helston Police said: "Your idea of Halloween fun might not be someone else’s. Avoid calling at people’s houses when trick-or-treating if you aren’t sure they’d like to join in with Halloween.

"As a rule of thumb, if they’ve got decorations outside their house then they’ll probably be open to trick-or-treaters.

"Some people might be distressed by strangers knocking on their door after dark. Be considerate of others and, if in doubt, stick to the houses of people you know."