THE owner of a beach in Cornwall has marked a personal milestone in her battle against Leukaemia by welcoming a unique two-meter-tall unicorn sculpture.

After passing her eighth round of chemotherapy for Leukaemia, Tracey Griffiths owner of Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay decided to support the Leukaemia Care charity in a bid to raise awareness for the disease which she has been fighting.  

Instead of ringing the End of Treatment Bell, Tracey purchased the two-meter-tall unicorn sculpture at an auction held in Bristol for £3,400 which has now arrived at its new home on Lusty Glaze Beach.

Falmouth Packet: The stunning sculpture was painted by artist Farrah FortnamThe stunning sculpture was painted by artist Farrah Fortnam (Image: Lusty Glaze Beach)The sculpture which is titled the ‘Guardian of the Ocean’ was painted by contemporary artist Farrah Fortnam, whose work can be seen in prominent locations across the South West. Farrah painted the sculpture as part of Unicorn Fest 2023, a sculpture trail that included 60 painted unicorns located in and around Bristol for nine weeks, before being auctioned off to raise money for Leukaemia Care.

Tracey explains why she chose to purchase the Guardian of the Ocean instead of ringing the End of Treatment Bell. She said: “When I marked the halfway point in treatment and the last day of chemotherapy, eight chemo sessions were done, and 480 oral chemotherapy tablets swallowed.

“But with another 480 to go, I didn’t feel like ringing the bell to celebrate was the right thing for me to do.

“Having been on a very long journey with Leukaemia, every time the bell rings, I feel a range of emotions from delight for those who do and a deep anxiety and sadness for those who won't ever have the strength.

“I decided not to ring the bell as I am not entirely ‘there’. For me, ringing the bell doesn’t mean our journeys are over, it simply means the end of this phase of treatment.”

Falmouth Packet: The stunning sculpture on the beach The stunning sculpture on the beach (Image: Lusty Glaze Beach)Aligned with Tracey’s fighting spirit and love of the ocean, she decided to mark the milestone with something that could support the cause. She said: Instead of ringing the bell, I wanted to do something that felt powerful, so this is what led to me buying the unicorn.”

Having now arrived down 133 steps to the Cornish Cove, the team at Lusty Glaze Beach has welcomed its newest member. Through Tracey’s dedication and free spirit, she and her team have created the perfect home for the Guardian of the Ocean.

With the goal of raising awareness for Leukaemia Care, Lusty Glaze welcomes visitors to take photos with the unicorn for social media, using the hashtag #LustyUnicornForLeukeumiaCare, as well as donating directly to charity.