The high tides have been causing problems from all over the county this weekend, but car owners were caught out at Mylor Bridge at the weekend.

It's not unusual for the tide to spill over onto Mylor Quay and catch out unwary motorists and this year was no exception.

Falmouth Packet: The Pandora is used to being flooded by high tidesThe Pandora is used to being flooded by high tides (Image: Pandora Inn/ Facebook)

Often walkers park on the quay to walk around the headland, probably to the Pandora which also regularly floods, not realising that the high tides come over the quay walls and flood the car park and walls.

Falmouth Packet: Customers at the Pandora were sure to heed the wet floor signs!Customers at the Pandora were sure to heed the wet floor signs! (Image: Pandora Inn/Facebook)

Homeowners along this stretch of road are well prepared for such floods having had flood protection in place for many years.

Time lapse video shared with the Packet by Richard Gurney show yesterday's high tides coming in in conjunction with the Hunter's Moon.

People with dogs skirt around the edges but it is the blue and black cars parked on the quay that causes the anxiety as the water arises around them.

At one point a pair launch a dinghy from the road and row around the cars and across the car park.

Eventually a man a  woman arrive from the Mylor village direction to try and rescue the blue car. The woman opens the hatchback and gets in, presumably to stop water flooding into the car if the doors were open. A man helps her off with her wellies and she presumably climbs into through the back to the driver's seat.

Falmouth Packet: The high tides caused flooding around the countyThe high tides caused flooding around the county (Image: SWNS)

The man wades round to the front and starts to push the car backwards. When they think it is far enough out the engine is successfully engaged and he gets in and they drive off apparently unscathed.

Unfortunately for the black car it was still on the quay this morning.

Elsewhere around the county high tides causing flooding have been reported in Looe, Falmouth, Penryn, Mevagissey and many other coastal towns and villages.

This is on top of Storm Ciaran which is heading our way from Wednesday evening prompting the Met Office to issue yellow weather warnings for wind and rain.