A WOMAN described as ‘the life and soul’ of a Helston business will be remembered next week at The Coffee Hut.

The Coffee Hut is hosting a Celebration of Life for Heather Cheney who sadly passed away on October 6 at the age of 67.

Heather worked at the Natural Store at the bottom of Trengrouse Way (otherwise known as the Parade) for 19 years and for most of that time was a manager of the shop where she gained a constant stream of customers asking for advice on products for themselves or family members.

Paul Johnson who worked alongside Heather told the Packet: “Heather worked here for 19 years and really had a feeling for people who came in and asked for advice.

Falmouth Packet: Paul Johnson and Heather at the store's 25th anniversary in 2018Paul Johnson and Heather at the store's 25th anniversary in 2018 “She made a difference to people and families and always wanted to help them.”

As well as providing support for business owners and the community of Helston, Heather and her colleagues have raised hundreds of pounds for charity. In 2016, the Natural Store collected £155 for The Cove Appeal, which at the time was looking for a new support centre for cancer patients at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.

At the time, Heather said: “It’s something we’re all very passionate about and the sooner it’s built and running the better.

“I look forward to seeing it when it’s completed.”

Falmouth Packet: Heather Cheney passed away on October 6, 2023 Heather Cheney passed away on October 6, 2023 (Image: The Coffee hut)To honour her life and her memory, The Coffee Hut is inviting members of the public to come to the premises on Thursday, November 9 at 9am to celebrate Heather’s life. In a post on Facebook, The Coffee Hut owner Natasha Mossayebi said: “As Many of you know the lovely Heather sadly passed away on October 6.

“Heather was known and loved by so many. She was the life and soul of The Natural Store in Helston and helped so many people in the community including myself.

“She was a natural healer and cared so much about her work.

“Heather helped me many times on a personal level and supported my business all those years ago when I was starting out.

“Come and join us from 9am at the hut on Thursday, November 9 to celebrate the lovely Heather.

“The Natural Store has kindly offered to cover the cost of refreshments including a hot drink and cake or snack for everyone who attends, and we will be offering 10% off any other food purchased on the day.

“Please come along and share your wonderful memories of Heather. She was so loved and is already very much missed,”

Please note, that during the celebration of Heather’s life on November 9, the Natural Store will remain closed until the afternoon.