A double decker bus which has blighted a residential street in Falmouth for many years has finally been removed.

The bus has been parked in Glasney Road in Old Hill since 2019 after the occupant of one of the council houses on the road parked the bus on the road and moved in.

Falmouth Packet: The double decker bus had been parked on Glasney Road for more than four yearsThe double decker bus had been parked on Glasney Road for more than four years (Image: Stock)

The vehicle's owner Neil Wainwright, a self-described gypsy, says that he feels "imprisoned" in his council house having grown up in caravans.

Mr Wainwright told the Packet at the time: "I want to live in my wagon, I don't want to live in a house. Five years I have been imprisoned in a house."

Falmouth Packet: Mr Wainwright is now somewhere safeMr Wainwright is now somewhere safe (Image: Stock)

But Old Hill residents said they felt intimidated by Mr Wainwright and that the bus a health and safety issue as Mr Wainwright was feeding cables into the bus from his house.

Now four years later the bus has finally towed away. 

You can see inside the bus and an inerview with Mr Wainwright here: Life inside the double decker bus now moved from Falmouth

Announcing the news on her Facebook page, Cllr Jayne Kirkham apologised that it had taken so long.

“The Glasney bus has gone!! Finally,” she said. “After a lot of sorting by an awful lot of people and this pushy councillor. Sorry it took so long to resolve a situation that was very difficult for everyone involved.”

Falmouth Packet: The bus has now been towed awayThe bus has now been towed away (Image: Stock)

One commentator said in response: “That’s great! It’ll be safer for everyone using that road, and the residents can enjoy their homes again!"


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Cllr Kirkham told the Packet it had take far too long and had been difficult for everyone on Glasney Road but there had been an inhabitant involved.

She said he had now been moved to a safe place where he had access to services. She said Cormac were "very good" about it all.