Problems including black mould and outstanding repairs in flats on a Falmouth estates are to be collated by the housing association and sent to Cornwall Housing.

The Penwerris Tenants and Residents Association are running a meeting on November 22 from 4pm-6pm at the Dracaena Centre for tenants of the Old Hill Flats.

The association says it is aware of a number of issues and outstanding repairs at the flats and want to get a full list to follow up with Cornwall Housing.

In a letter to residents the association says it has received several reports of a lack of repairs and repairs being carried out badly in flats, this includes damp and mould.

"We are asking all tenants to inform us of any outstanding repairs how long have they been outstanding, and any other problems you may have with your property," says the letter.

"Residents’ concerns will then be passed on to Cornwall Housing."

"Please come if you live at Old Hill Flats, or send an email with any issues to beaconp@hotmail.com2"