A florist from Helston has bloomed in her TV debut, along with a lot of other familiar faces, in a children’s TV show featuring Flora Day.

When producers of CBeebies Fred and Pete’s Treasure Tales asked Helston Farmer’s Market committee if they knew a local florist who could make floral crowns for a show they were filming in Helston the team knew exactly who to recommend.

Falmouth Packet: Gemma with Fred and Pete and their crownsGemma with Fred and Pete and their crowns (Image: Gemma Rawlinson/BBC)

Gemma Rawlinson from Mellangoose Farm Flowers near Sithney was approached by the TV company to appear on the show and she jumped at the chance.

In Fred and Pete’s Treasure Tales series one, episode 30, Fred and Pete find a circle of woven sticks whilst in Cornwall and try to work out what it is. Eventually finding that it is the basis for the crown of flowers worn by those taking part in Helston Flora Day, they visit Gemma at the Museum of Cornish Life in Helston to make the crowns.

Falmouth Packet: Taking part in the Hal-an-TowTaking part in the Hal-an-Tow (Image: Gemma Rawlinson/BBC)

They then end up taking part in the Hal-an-Tow with their new crowns after being taught the dance by Gillian Geer who organises the pageant element of the festivities every year.

Posting pictures on her Facebook page Gemma said: “I’ve been waiting since May to share these images with you!

“You can now catch me popping up on your screens on CBeebies Fred and Pete’s Treasure Tales.

“I was very kindly asked by the series production team to take part in their Floral Crown treasure tale, which features Helston Flora Day.

"All my filming was done at the brilliant Museum of Cornish Life.

“I had a wonderful afternoon filming floral crowns with Fred and Pete, and the whole production team. It’s great to be thrown out of your comfort zone every now and then and do something new.”

The series follows Cornwall-based artists Fred and a Pete as they spend their days hunting for treasure around the county. You can catch the Floral Crown episode BBC IPlayer here.

Gemma set up her flower business after her wedding hire business vanished during the pandemic. Since then her business has blossomed you might say!