NEW data released to The Packet has revealed the most common places in Helston to get a Penalty Charge Notice. 

A Freedom of Information request from The Packet to Cornwall Council has revealed the areas in Falmouth where the most Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) were given out, as well as how many PCNs Cornwall Council served and the total amount of money Cornwall Council collected from PCNs in 2022. 

According to the RAC: "Penalty Charge Notices are issued to motorists found to be in contravention of parking restrictions, waiting restrictions and some moving traffic offences that are treated as civil, not criminal offences.

"PCNs are usually issued by local authorities – either by a yellow notice affixed to your car or, if you’re caught on camera, through the post – although in certain areas the police have responsibility for enforcing parking restrictions."

In Helston, the most PCNs were served in Coinagehall Street with 156 served in 2022. Next on the list was Meneage Street with 120, then Church Street with 110. 

The full list of streets in Helston where the most PCNs were served is as follows:

  1. Coinagehall Street - 156
  2. Meneage Street - 120
  3. Church Street - 110
  4. Cross Street - 57
  5. Penrose Road - 26
  6. Grange Road - 10
  7. Godolphin Road - 8
  8. Tyacke Road - 8
  9. Monument Road - 5
  10. Parc Eglos - 5

Across 2022, the total number of penalty charge notices issued by Cornwall Council was 34,452.

The total amount of money Cornwall Council collected from PCNs in 2022 was £1,095,464.40. Cornwall Council claimed that this figure relates to PCNs issued at any time prior to 2022 and during the year.