It’s not often that a construction company is praised by a wildlife rescue charity, but one contractor has been for going above and beyond to help hedgehogs.

Tracey Sargent who runs the Porthleven Harbour Hedgie Rescue first contacted CGS Contractors South West who are currently carrying out works for Wildanet in Helston, back in October about concerns about hedgehogs falling into works holes.

When she didn’t hear anything back she contacted them again as she wanted to highlight the dangers these open ground works pose to wildlife and pets.

She got a call back from Andy who oversees all the work in the area including that in Trenethick Close and surrounding area.

Falmouth Packet: Tracey Sargent who runs the Porthleven Harbour Hedgie RescueTracey Sargent who runs the Porthleven Harbour Hedgie Rescue (Image: Supplied)

Posting on Facebook she said: “I discussed my concerns and advised him we have a population of hedgehogs in all areas of Helston and that they are at great risk if the holes are not covered over.

“He took everything on board, like me, he does not want to see them come to any harm, he also told me all about the visiting hedgehogs in his garden.

“Going forward, Andy has assured me, all deep holes will be covered over at the end of the day.

“He also added, should you see any uncovered holes that have been missed, you can report them to me, as I have his number now so will make immediate contact with him.”

Speaking to the Packet, Tracey said she was delighted that CGS were taking such a proactive approach.

“I am delighted that the company is listening and wanting to do their bit to protect wildlife,” she said. "It was great to hear Andy has hedgehogs in his garden and was fully aware of the fact they need our help.

“Delighted to hear they will be putting things in place.”

Luke Declan McFadden commercial director from CGS said: "The charity are doing a fantastic job in raising awareness to hedgehog CGS contractors Southwest limited on the dangers to hedgehogs and would like to thank the charity on communicating the issue to the company.

"We want to thank the charity and our site manager for acting on the information and CGS will be more aware on future builds of the risks to hedgehogs and other species.

"It has demonstrated that biodiversity is an essential part of the projects which is often overlooked, and with the awareness raised it is something that will be considered in more depth in the future."

Tracey says with Cornwall having such a temperate climate hedgehogs didn’t necessarily hibernate all through the winter. There were even still hoglets about from the Autumn litter and they needed all the help they could get.

She says hedgehogs are now on the RED list as vulnerable to extinction.

She says if anyone happens to come across a hedgehog during the day only, not at night, guidelines suggest that the hedgehog must be picked up with garden gloves, kept in a box wrapped in a towel and kept warm with a warm hot water bottle (not boiling), kept away from children and pets, bought inside and away from flies.

When it comes to looking out for the hedgehogs in your garden, Tracey had a few tips on ways people can help.

These are: • Let them in by creating a hedgehog highway, all they need is a five inch square gap.

• Keep an area of your garden overgrown so they can forage and nest.

• Leave a shallow bowl of water • Feed them cat/kitten biscuits or wet cat/dog food.

• No milk, mealworms, nuts, seeds, fruits or vegetables, these can make hedgehogs very poorly.

• Keep Ponds safe by adding an escape route.

• Keep netting raised off the ground so they don't become trapped.

• Check overgrown area's before strimming or using any other garden equipment.

• Check bonfires before lighting and compost heaps before using a fork.

• Keep gardens litter free and please do not use chemicals or slug pellets.

• A feeding station or hedgehog house would be an ideal addition to the garden.

You can also spot when a hedgehog might need help by looking out for: lethargic or 'wobbly' movement; being surrounded by flies; hoglets out and about without their mother; obvious injuries; they appear trapped; being out during the daytime.

If you find a hedgehog in your garden that you think might need help, you can contact Porthleven Harbour Hedgie Rescue charity on 07980 668652.

CGS have been contacted for a response.