Pre-application advice has been sought by First Devon and Cornwall for improvements to Longrock bus depot in Penzance, including demolition of the current facilities. Cormac has been commissioned by Cornwall Council to undertake the redevelopment of the depot.

A planning statement says: “The existing bus depot at Longrock is in poor condition with a dilapidated building and out-of-date facilities. It is proposed that a refurbished bus depot facility at the Longrock depot site will replace the current facility which is not suitable for the modern Cornwall public transport fleet.

“It is proposed to provide a new layout for multiple bus users to include some shared facilities such as bus and car parking, bus washing and facilities for staff welfare and bus fuelling. It is also envisaged that an area of the site could be ring-fenced for future alternative fuels e.g. electric vehicle charging.”

The demolition would be subject to environmental and ecology surveys, especially bat surveys which are already planned to start this year.

For more details see PA23/01246/PREAPP