A NEW pie shop is set to open in Falmouth at the start of next month following on from another successful opening in Helston last week.

Penny's Pies will be opening its doors in Falmouth on December 1 after taking over the building that housed Choak's Bakery for 60 years before it closed last year. 

The opening will follow the successful expansion of Penny's Pie's industrial unit in Helston, which has been fitted out to offer a retail service and opened last Friday to much fanfare which took owner Penny Williams by surprise.

Falmouth Packet: Penny WilliamsPenny Williams (Image: Penny's Pies)

Speaking to The Packet about her plans, Penny said: "It was really good, it went completely nuts on Friday. We produce everything out of this unit in Helston and we've just opened up a bit of it so that people can come and buy stuff from here. 

"It's a follow on from expanding massively in July as we were out of Manaccan for a long time and we've managed to get his unit which is fantastic. It's doing very well."


The plans for the opening of a store in Falmouth came about in a slightly unusual way, as Penny explained: "It was a bit of a surprise really. It came about as we go to various markets and we have lots of lovely shops that stock our stuff.

"One of the markets we go to is Tregrew up at Flushing, an absolutely fantastic market, we have a lovely time there. A gentleman who buys our pies there works for somebody who bought Choak's Pasty Shop."

Falmouth Packet: A pie from Penny's PiesA pie from Penny's Pies (Image: Penny's Pies)

One thing led to another and Penny found herself thinking that opportunities like that don't come around very often, and decided to take the shop on to open a pie shop in the town. 

Penny continued: "I just thought it would be stupid to turn it down, so that's how it came about. As it turns out, I also do the food for Penryn Rugby Club, and so quite a lot of Choak's customers and some relatives of the Choak family seem to be well aware of what's going on and quite keen that we're going into the shop. So it's all very positive stuff and I just hope that we can do everybody proud really.

"Being able to cope with the demand is the problem! It will be manageable, we're just growing so fast!"