A staggering £1.2bn worth of homes have been sold in Cornwall so far this year.

The latest findings from eXp UK showed that despite a more tempered market, high-value property sales continue unabated in England and Wales, totalling £99.3bn.

Analysing Land Registry sold price records of 276,785 homes sold from January to August, eXp UK also noted that London remains the top-performing region with £21.6bn worth of property sold.

Kensington and Chelsea stood first as the nation's most valuable property market where £1.6bn worth of homes had been sold by August.

Nevertheless, Cornwall displayed a high performance outside the capital, only trailing Buckinghamshire's £1.4bn total value of homes sold, making it one of the highest aside from London.

Head of eXp UK, Adam Day, said: "The property market may have cooled a tad in 2023 and, as a result, we've seen a reduction in house prices when compared to the giddy heights of last year when they hit record highs."

Furthermore, he asserted, "Despite increasing mortgage rates and market uncertainty, the total value of homes changing hands so far this year has been staggering, which demonstrates the strength of the market and our unwavering appetite for homeownership."

Day hinted towards a promising outlook for prospective buyers in Cornwall, stating: "What's more, this performance hasn't been confined to the London market with Leeds, Birmingham, Cornwall and Wiltshire all making the top 10 most valuable markets when it comes to the total value of property sold."