A restaurant owner has been hailed a community hero after offering free fish and chips last night to the homeless, hungry and the cold.

Paul James, owner of CJ’s At the Sanctuary in Budock Water, made the offer on Facebook last night after being given a free box of haddock on the social media website.

In video and a post on Facebook, Paul offered free fish and chips tonight at Cj’s for the homeless, struggling and less fortunate. He said this was an offer those who needed it most and urged people not unless they really needed to. He said they were people who needed it most but he would be happy to supply those who were collecting for someone who really needed it.

Falmouth Packet: The first batch ready to goThe first batch ready to go (Image: Paul James/Facebook)

He said there would be eight portions available for collection whilst his mother in law would be dropping another eight to the homeless in Falmouth. Posting a video, Paul said he wanted to give something back to the community “A couple of weeks ago I was given a box of frozen haddock on the C.R.A.P [Facebook] site and wanted to give back to the community, so this evening I will be dropping eight of them into town for the homeless and the hungry and cold people but I will also be doing eight portions collected from the restaurant.

“So if you know someone who is less fortunate or who is struggling at the moment to get in touch on the post and he would sort them out with some fish and chips which they could collect from the restaurant.”

Falmouth Packet: Peace and love from Paul James in the video he posted on FacebookPeace and love from Paul James in the video he posted on Facebook (Image: Paul James/Facebook)

Many people praised Paul for what he was doing, with one commentator putting it succinctly “You’re a good man, bro'."


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Rachel Jeanne Monique said she wanted to nominate Paul to switch on Penryn Christmas lights this year. “He had sent free food out so many times! This is just amazing.”

There was unanimous praise for what Paul was doing on Facebook with the post attracting nearly 100 comments and over 100 shares.

Paul made national headlines earlier this year when his post about 47 no shows at his restaurant on Easter Sunday went national when he revealed how many bookings had failed to turn up at his restaurant on April 9.