Cornwall Council has confirmed it will not be collecting Christmas trees again this year if residents are not part of its garden waste programme.

In a thread on X (formerly known as Twitter), Cornwall Council says if people are going for an artificial tree they should choose one they can keep or reuse for "many Christmases to come".

Instead the council is encouraging people to compost their Christmas tree at home if they have a real one or if it has roots even replant it.

If people can't do either then they can take it to their nearest household waste and recycling centre. People subscribed to the garden waste collection service will have theirs collected for free.

In previous years, Cornwall Council has collected people's Christmas trees if they were put out on a certain date.

However last year that all changed as part of a cost cutting exercise and the trees were not collected.

Cornwall Council said it will only collect real Christmas trees from households that have subscribed to the garden waste collection service.


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It advised people to compost their tree at home or take it to your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre for composting. It also advised people to use the opportunity to take other items to avoid multiple trips.

"Most of us produce more waste than usual over the Christmas period but many of those extra items can be recycled, including plastic sweet tubs, plastic advent calendar trays, tins, glass bottles and carboard boxes," it said.

"Christmas cards, envelopes and wrapping paper without foil or glitter can also be recycled. Please remove decorations like ribbon, foil, glitter, plastic film, tinsel and bubble wrap."

People can subscribe to Cornwall Council's garden waste collection service at