A Porthtowan woman who created an NHS approved health and wellness website and app after her husband died of cancer and was then diagnosed with a brain tumour has died.

Freyja Hanstein founded Wholesome World after she lost her husband Lars to abdominal Synovial Sarcoma cancer in 2014 and she herself was diagnosed with a brain tumour the following year, aged just 26.

Freyja's husband went through multiple treatment rounds which were unsuccessful and he passed away Nov 6, 2014 one month after they wed.

During the year after he passed away, she started to experience worrying health symptoms. “I had what felt like energy-deficient moments and light-headedness,” she said.

Brain Surgery on the Temporal lobe went ahead, and then she was then put through post-op treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which went on until early 2017.

Following her operation she had to learn to keep focus and work through her concentration and reconstruction of the language (primarily nouns) and memory loss.

Sharing the news of her death on November 16 from complications from her cancer on its Instagram page, Wholesome World said it was taking a pause to regroup but would be back.

Falmouth Packet: The picture of Freyja Hanstein Wholesome World shared on the Instagram post announcing her deathThe picture of Freyja Hanstein Wholesome World shared on the Instagram post announcing her death (Image: Wholesome World/Instagram)

“It is with the most profound sense of loss that we share the sad news that Freyja Hanstein, Wholesome World’s creator, has passed away. She died peacefully in her sleep in the morning of the November 16 of as a result of complications from a recurrence of her cancer.

“That you are reading this is testament to Freyja’s immense strength, positivity and perseverance. She created Wholesome World after losing her husband Lars to cancer, while in remission after her own first fight with a brain tumour.

"This project has been Freyja’s way of transforming those dark experiences into something positive and nourishing. Her love and creativity built Wholesome World, and we are immeasurably proud to have been here to support her, and to carry on what she started.”


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It went on: “Freyja found beauty in the world wherever she went, and joy in sharing that beauty, reflecting it back to make those around her happy. She shared what she loved; a walk by the ocean, a delicious meal, a song, a poem, a cheeky smile.

She was the girl with the flowers in her hair and a kind word for everyone. She was the woman who lost everything and stood up again, and again. She is the daughter, the sister, the irreplaceable friend who will be missed and mourned and loved by everyone who knew her.”

The announcement was met with an outpouring of grief on its Instagram page, with one commentator summing up many posts saying: “Freyja was the most beautiful human and it is our great loss that she has flown this world.

“We all miss you Freyja that bright smile, beautiful aura and kindness scattered on all you met.”