The Trehenlis Gardens site developers, Persimmon Homes Cornwall & West Devon, are lending their support to a local theatre history project in Helston.

The donation comes as part of their Community Champions initiative.

An initiative known for distributing £24,000 annually to assist worthy causes in Cornwall and West Devon.

Persimmon Homes Cornwall & West Devon made a generous donation of £1,100 to Trevow Helston.

This group aims to revitalise neglected and underutilised areas in Helston with ambitious and high-quality live events.

They are currently working in partnership with the Museum of Cornish Life.

Persimmon Homes Cornwall & West Devon Sales Director Jane Cartwright said: "The Museum of Cornish Life is an organisation we've been aware of for a while and we were lucky to be in a position to support a project it will be hosting in partnership with Trevow Helston.

"Our Community Champions scheme has been well-utilised to help several different kinds of organisations since its inception, and we are pleased to support the local organisation and initiatives given the recent start of construction at our new site in Helston.

"And whilst our data shows that the large majority of our customers are from the localities in which we build, I’m sure newcomers to Trehenlis Gardens as well as long-term residents of Helston will really appreciate the chance to better understand the town and its history through this exciting initiative."

Falmouth Packet: Persimmon Homes Cornwall & West Devon made a generous donation of £1,100 to Trevow Helston

The funds from Persimmon Homes will facilitate four days of research into the town's theatres.

This research will help form part of an upcoming installation exploring the history of these entertainment venues.

Representatives of the Museum of Cornish Life excitedly received the cheque at an old theatre in town, found at the Boating Lake.

Annette MacTavish from the Museum of Cornish Life said: "We’re really excited to be part of this project to investigate and showcase Helston’s rich theatrical history, and delighted that Persimmon is supporting the work by funding Trevow’s research.

"Trevow is working to uncover more information about them, and along with Persimmon we cannot wait to see the results and eventually host an exhibition here at the Museum of Cornish Life."

Director of Trevow Helston, Guy Watson added: "We're grateful for the support from Persimmon Homes and their Community Champions initiative, which will allow us to get stuck into the archives and pull together more information to share with residents and locals."

Construction at the new Helston development by Persimmon Homes has begun, with the first properties set to be available in 2024.