AN all-girls school in Truro is set to host what is believed to be Cornwall's first conference on AI in education next year. 

Truro High School for Girls, an award-winning independent school has announced that it will be hosting Cornwall's inaugural conference focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education.

The conference, which will take place on January 3, 2024, will look to bring together educators, thought leaders, and experts in the field to explore the impact of AI on teaching and learning.

Truro High School for Girls says it embraces technology as a catalyst for progress and that the school prioritises staying ahead of the curve in educational advancements, ensuring its students are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in an ever-evolving world.

The conference will feature renowned experts in the field of AI in Education, including Dan Fitzpatrick and Prof. Rose Luckin of UCL, offering insights into the latest developments and practical applications.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops, gaining practical knowledge and skills to integrate AI tools into their teaching practices.

The conference will also allow attendees to connect with fellow educators, technology enthusiasts, and industry professionals to foster collaboration and idea-sharing.

By exploring the potential of AI in education, the school says it aims to inspire and equip educators with the knowledge and tools needed to enhance the learning experience for students in Cornwall.

"We are thrilled to be hosting Cornwall's first AI in Education conference," said Katie Hinks, Senior Deputy Head at Truro High School for Girls. "As we navigate the evolving landscape of education, it is crucial to understand how AI can be leveraged to empower both educators and students. This conference provides a unique opportunity for the education community in Cornwall to come together, learn from experts, and exchange ideas that will shape the future of teaching and learning."

For more information about the AI in Education conference at Truro High School for Girls, please visit or contact Katie Hinks at