Falmouth musician Annie Baylis-Gray is raising funds to record a Cornish language EP.

Annie recently achieved recognition by winning the International Pan Celtic Song Competition in Carlow, Ireland in April this year.

Following her success with the title track 'Oll An Dra', she plans to expand her repertoire and cement her devotion to the Cornish language in a new four-track EP.

Thanks to a Cornish Language Residency, she has successfully enhanced her language skills.

She revealed that one of the spellbinding tracks to feature on the EP would be a song penned during her time learning.

The central themes of the tracks piece together political, socioeconomic, and philosophical strands to paint a vivid picture of 21st century Britain.

The tracks, according to the artist, will cover topics that include a general strike, the NHS, and Cornish and wider Celtic connections to culture.

Annie describes her songs as capturing "longing, loss but also the hope and determination of people in 21st Century Britain."

Falmouth Packet: The EP will include four songs

The EP's recording is set to take place in February 2024 at Rapunzel Studios in Devon.

Annie is hoping to raise £1,500 through a Crowdfunder, in which over a third of the goal has already been donated.

For more information about how to donate - and the rewards on offer for doing so - visit the Crowdfunder page at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/recording-oll-an-dra-ep

George Arnold, renowned for his work on Annie's earlier EP "Darkest Horse", is to spearhead the recording process.

A unique eclectic blend of musicians are to feature in this recording, including accordion player Alan Pengelly, Kevin Brinn and Jamie Wakeham from the Cornish Band "The Stowes."

Annie is to take on singing duties, string arrangements and percussion tasks.

She has also spoken of her plans to collaborate with local artist Michelle Mckeown for the EP artwork and song translation booklet.

Cornish poet Tim Saunders and Cornish language specialist Mark Trevethan are also assisting with lyrics translation.

The EP will launch next April, followed by a tour throughout the Spring and Summer of 2024.

The idea has been met by an outpour of support, with one fan saying: "Can't wait for April, what a great idea."

"I know your new work will be fantastic!" said another, while a backer on Crowdfunder added: "Thank you for giving me the chance to be in on this with you in this little way."