An ice cream shop in Cornwall is in the running to be named the UK's 'punniest'. 

Fowey’s Game of Cones has captured attention across the country and features amongst the UK’s 120 most celebrated shop name puns.

The punny shortlist, compiled by the language learning platform, Babbel, features entries from 12 regions across the nation.

Following rigorous analysis of social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Babbel identified the shops with the clever or amusing puns in their names that have been most celebrated on these platforms.

The list showcases the unique sense of humour captured through linguistic wordplay in the retail industry.

Now the public is being invited to vote for their favourite pun to crown the Nation's Punniest Shop Name.

Details on how to vote for Game of Cones, or your other favourite entries, can be found on the Babbel website at

Noël Wolf, Linguistic & Cultural Expert at Babbel, said: "The linguistic phenomenon of the pun is a play on words that transcends cultures, but it undeniably holds a special place in British hearts.

"The history of puns in the UK is steeped in tradition, dating back through centuries of literature, comedy, and everyday conversation.

"The beauty of a pun lies in its ability to exploit the versatile vocabulary and multiplicity of meanings of English - the prevalence of the pun in Britain is testament to the flexibility and richness of the English language.

"Puns serve as a reminder that language is a dynamic and playful tool that can be harnessed to entertain, educate, and connect people.

"Whether in casual conversations, literature, or advertising, puns have the ability to captivate our minds and elevate our communication."

Falmouth Packet: Fowey’s Game of Cones features amongst the UK’s 120 most celebrated shop name puns

The linguistic experts at Babbel shortlist include other puntastic contenders like "Curl Up and Dye" in New Malden, "Thaitanic," a Thai food restaurant in Belfast, and "Spruce Springclean," a cleaning service in Brighton.

However, the Fowey-based Game of Cones is Cornwall's proud representative in this pun competition, drawing chuckles and sniggers from locals and visitors alike.

Being part of a treasured British tradition of linguistic acrobats might be the cherry on top for this humble ice cream shop.