CHANGES to incoming car parking charges have been announced by a rugby club in Falmouth. 

Visitors to Falmouth over the festive period will no doubt be delighted to hear that Falmouth Rugby Club has opted not to activate their new ANPR Car Park System at the Recreation Ground until January 1, 2024.

In a statement, Club Chairman John Bullock said: "We want to ensure both the community and our club members have plenty of notice before starting this new initiative.

"We as a committee therefore felt it was in the right spirit to support various festivities taking place around this time of year, like the choirs singing across the road, people buying Christmas trees from the pitch at the Recreation Ground, and people generally visiting the town to do their Christmas shopping and seeing what our great town has to offer, such as the; high-quality independent shops, national retail businesses, award-winning food and drink outlets and visitor attractions alike."

Falmouth Rugby Club encourage all of its members to ensure their vehicle registration are logged by December 17, to continue to enjoy free parking when the system goes live in the New Year.

For more information visit or email

The club has reiterated that new members are always welcome at Falmouth Rugby Club and that more information can be obtained by visiting the Clubhouse on match days.

Earlier this month the club announced that, as communicated at its Annual General Meeting in the summer, it would be bringing in parking charges to the hard-standing perimeters to support the financial future of the club. 

However it stressed that all club members, guests, and official users and visitors of the club would be exempt and continue to receive free parking throughout the season.

There will also be a 30-minute grace period for non-members.

The club went on to add that official guests and users of the club would be able to provide their car registration in the clubhouse via a tablet situated on the clubhouse bar to avoid charges when visiting the club.

Once in place the tariff will be in line with other town car parks and aimed at over three-hour stays to supplement parking within Falmouth.

While Falmouth Rugby Club is looking to provide daytime parking for motorhomes and camper vans, however, there is no intention to offer any overnight parking.