A major redevelopment of land at the top of Helston town centre has moved forward a step with plans being drawn up for approval.

This set of images forms part of a planning application for Coronation Gardens and the King George V playing field, at the end of Oliver’s Terrace off Meneage Street.

It is to demolish the existing scout hut building and replace it with a new scout hut and community hall, as well as knock down the former Helston and District Pigeon Club building in order to build a community café.

Submitting the application is Helston Town Council projects officer Charlotte Caldwell, with images from RA Design.

Falmouth Packet: The scout hut would give better facilitiesThe scout hut would give better facilities (Image: RA Design/Cornwall Council)

The application states: “The proposal is to create two new buildings, which have design harmony between them, so they are aligned in their design, not at odds with each other in the park setting.

“Account has been taken of the natural environment which surrounds each building, ie. a public green space – a park on the outskirts of the town centre, adjacent to two main housing estates.

“The Scout Hut/Community Hall has been designed with specific account being taken in terms of needs for safeguarding, indoor and outdoor events, storage solutions for tents/equipment, catering and sanitation.

“The community café has been designed to accommodate the needs of different customer segments including indoor and outdoor seating for dog walkers, flexible catering space, sanitation, community space and inclusive access for all.

Falmouth Packet: The community cafe would be fully accessibleThe community cafe would be fully accessible (Image: RA Design/Cornwall Council)

“The designs have been drawn up following a number of consultations with the public, including a door-to-door survey and meeting over the proposal.

The application states that the findings included the need for higher specification disabled toilets and for a takeaway service option within the community café.

The Scout Hut/Community Hall would include a hall, kitchen, storage room, office, cloakroom, toilets and disabled toilet, and outdoor decking area for events/film evenings.

On the other side of the path, the Community Café plans include kitchen and storage area, indoor and outdoor seating, and toilet facilities including a disabled toilet.

“These two new developments should create safe and accessible environments where crime and disorder or fear of crime does not undermine quality of life or community cohesion,” adds the application.

Falmouth Packet: The application follows community consultationThe application follows community consultation (Image: RA Design/Cornwall Council)

It states that the Scout Hut/Community Hall would be within keeping of the existing building and the community café would be of a similar scale to the derelict toilet block.

However, it adds: “Due to the need to create a functional community café, the width and length of the proposed development will be approximately 50% longer, at the front of the existing development.

“The Scout Hut/Community Hall existing building does not currently have an entrance or cloakroom which has been incorporated into the new build development which will significantly enhance access for users during bad weather.”

A meadow area and composting area has been created adjacent to the proposed Community Café site and the longer term masterplan includes raised beds, to enable local produce to be grown for use in the seasonal menu at the community café.

Helston Town Council manage the site and have a maintenance agreement in place.

“We have considered levels of lighting, signage and CCTV installation which will be critical to the standard of accessibility ultimately achieved,” says the application.

“The development will ensure that all users will have equal and convenient access to buildings and spaces and the public transport network.”

It states there are nearby disabled parking bays giving access to the park from the neighbouring residential roads, and the site has nearby bus routes to and from the park.