Bodmin Town Band have been awarded £1,000 through Persimmon Homes’ Community Champions scheme.

The generous donation from the builder's Cornwall & West Devon business will help cover expenses for the band's touring activities.

The nearly century-old music group consisting of volunteer amateurs recently achieved championship status.

They currently rely on fundraising initiatives to support their representation of Bodmin across the region.

Alongside the donation, Persimmon Homes contributes £24,000 annually to worthy ventures and esteemed organisations in Cornwall and West Devon.

Falmouth Packet: Bodmin Town Band have been awarded £1,000 by Persimmon Homes

Talking about its contribution, Persimmon Homes Cornwall & West Devon sales director Jane Cartwright said: "We're very happy to be supporting a nearly-century-old Bodmin institution like the town band as part of our Community Champions scheme, and congratulate them on their new Championship status."

Grateful for the support, Charlotte Goatman of Bodmin Town Band said: "We’re grateful to Persimmon for their support and are delighted that we were successful in our application for funding.

"Bodmin Town Band is made of dedicated and talented musicians that love to bring joy through our music, and any support that we get to make that easier for us is always much appreciated."