Renowned Aussie artist Nigel Warne is returning to the UK this winter - including a much-anticipated gig in Falmouth.

The multi-talented musician, known for his unique mix of blues, jazz, and Americana-noir, has roots in Gunditjmara country in the deep south of Australia.

His show at The Morgawr is scheduled to take place on January 31, 2024.

Mr Warne is almost guaranteed to play all his big hits, including the new material from his recent album The Reckoning.

Released in November, it was nominated for 'Best Blues Work' at this year's Music Victoria Awards.

The Weekend Australian said the album demonstrates the "vocal swagger of Van Morrison and the dark spirituality and intelligence of Nick Cave".

While Rhythms and Maverick Magazine said it brought "fire and brimstone lyrics that recall Nick Cave" and is "poignant and mysterious" respectively.

Falmouth Packet: Nigel Warne is known for his unique mix of blues, jazz, and Americana-noir

To celebrate its release, Mr Warne is touring the UK and is not only playing in Falmouth, with other performances in the likes of Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Basingstoke, Bath, Aldershot, Oxted, Brighton, Leicester, Southport, Sheffield, Bury, Butterton and London.

Nigel Warne will also play an Official Showcase at Your Roots Are Showing in Dundalk, Ireland on January 19.

If you are interested in getting tickets to Mr Warne's show in Falmouth, or any of his other dates, visit his official website for further information at