A PARLIAMENTARY candidate for Truro and Falmouth is calling for urgent investment into the NHS in order to help reduce waiting lists. 

The Liberal Democrats have accused minister Ministers of allowing Cornwall to “grind to a halt” under the pressure of growing NHS backlogs, with 67,380 incomplete pathways on NHS waiting lists. Figures they described as "terrifying."

The party has criticised the Conservative government for failing to prioritise the NHS in the recent Autumn Statement despite the huge economic impact of people unable to return to work because they are waiting for treatment.

Separate ONS figures show that a record high 2.6 million people across the country are out of work due to long-term sickness, up from two million in 2019.

The Liberal Democrats say they have set out a plan to fix the crisis in NHS and care, including giving people a legal right to see their GP within seven days, increasing the Carer’s Minimum Wage to tackle soaring vacancies, and giving people a guarantee to begin cancer treatment within 62 days of being diagnosed.

Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Truro and Falmouth, Ruth Gripper said: “We’ve all grown up knowing that the NHS will be there for us in our time of need. Right now it doesn’t feel that way. Thousands of people are on NHS waiting lists, ambulance waiting times down here are through the roof, and the long-running crisis in social care continues.

“You can’t have a strong economy without a strong workforce, and that means fixing the crisis in health and social care. Unfortunately the Chancellor chose to ignore this in his Autumn Statement.

“We’ve had six health secretaries in just four years and not one of them has got to grips with the issues. It’s not fair on patients or staff across Cornwall who are being let down by this Conservative government.

“The Liberal Democrats are calling for urgent investment in the NHS and better pay for carers to bring down waiting lists as the health service braces for yet another winter crisis under this Conservative government.”