TWO men were jailed for offences such as breaching court orders and assault in Cornwall in the run-up to Christmas.

The offenders were among the defendants sentenced in courts in Devon and Cornwall between Monday 18 and Friday, December 22, 2023.

Joshua Hampton, aged 27, currently residing in HMP Exeter but from Tavistock, appeared at Truro Crown Court on Friday 22 December for actual bodily harm and breach of a restraining order.

The offences took place in Liskeard on October 17, 2023, where Hampton assaulted a female victim causing her actual bodily harm. Hampton also breached a restraining order that had been placed upon him by Truro Crown Court in August of 2021 by contacting the same female victim. 

During his sentencing, Hampton was handed down a prison sentence of four years imprisonment. 

The next offender on the list is Daniel Shaw, aged 32, from Helston, who appeared at Truro Crown Court on Wednesday, December 20 for assault and non-intentional strangulation.

During his sentencing, Shaw was sentenced to 15 months in prison. 

According to the Sentencing Council, the maximum sentence for ABH is five years’ custody, however, if the assault is racially or religiously aggravated, the maximum sentence is seven years’ custody. 

The maximum sentence for breaches of protective orders, such as restraining or non-molestation orders, is five years' custody, with an offence range between a fine and four years' custody. 

The maximum sentence in magistrates’ courts for breach of a restraining order imposed under section 360 of the Sentencing Code is 6 months’ custody