A NEW study has highlighted a hidden plumbing crisis across the UK, with Cornwall featuring prominently on the list of most affected areas.

Commissioned by Plumbworld, the research identifies regions grappling with severe plumbing issues by analysing search trends for blocked drains and low water pressure. This has led to the creation of a 'Plumbing Time Bomb' list, where Cornwall has emerged as one of the top counties signalling urgent attention.

The analysis took into account the number of searches per 100,000 households across the UK, with a focus on how Cornwall compares within this national context. This method provides a comprehensive view of the plumbing challenges residents are facing, particularly highlighting the critical situation in Cornwall.

Top 10 Counties on the 'Plumbing Time Bomb' List:

  • Dorset - 200
  • Cornwall - 160
  • Buckinghamshire - 132
  • Warwickshire - 130
  • Bedfordshire - 91
  • Cheshire - 73
  • East Sussex - 58
  • Hampshire - 56
  • West Sussex - 56
  • Northumberland - 54

A spokesperson from Plumbworld commented on the findings: "The study's results are a wake-up call to the lurking issues in our homes that, if left unaddressed, can lead to significant disruptions and expenses. Counties topping the 'Plumbing Time Bomb' list are indicative of broader infrastructural challenges that require immediate attention. We urge residents and local authorities in these areas to take proactive steps in assessing and addressing their plumbing systems.​

"It's also crucial for individuals to become more aware of their household's plumbing health and seek professional help at early signs of trouble. Together, we can defuse this time bomb and ensure a safer, more secure living environment."