A Cornish holiday home business stands proud as the first of its kind in the county to attain B Corp certification.

Cornish Gems, based in Truro, has outshone numerous established rivals, scoring an impressive total of 97 - far higher than the industry average.

The independently owned holiday home specialist joins the ranks of just 10 other UK accommodation providers to receive the certification.

This achievement puts Cornwall on the map for spearheading positive change within the sector.

The certification was secured following a stringent B Corp examination of Cornish Gem’s operations.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Manager, Emma Fashokun, guided the business through the comprehensive process, which focused on several key areas including Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers.

The business scored remarkably well, with the environmental aspect standing out, having achieved 25.8 - dwarfing the average 8.7 markers in the accommodation sector.

They also excelled in the Community and Governance categories, achieving 27.9 and 17.2 respectively - far beyond the average scores of 20.8 and 7.4.

Co-owner of Cornish Gems, Nadia Macer-Wright said: "We’re thrilled to share our B Corp certification news, as the first independent Cornish home company to be accredited.

"It's a milestone moment for our business. We’re extremely proud to join the B Corp community and to help pave the way for the sector.

“Whilst we’ve always worked hard to be a good business, B Corp certification is the official recognition of that driving principle.

"It’s just the start, a baseline from which we’ll further improve our business practices and be a force for positive change, putting the environment and wellbeing at the heart of our work.”

The triple bottom line methodology of B Corp Businesses gives equal importance not only to profit but also to the planet and people, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Cornish Gems' ESG Manager, Emma Fashokun said: "We’re honoured to be recognised as a business that underpins every decision with triple bottom line thinking.

"We are fully aware that both the climate crisis and the difficulties facing our community are very real.

"Alongside our B Corp process, we hope to contribute to resolutions and to highlight proactive strategies to encourage our stakeholders to embrace a better way of doing business.”

Established in 2007 by Nadia Macer-Wright, Cornish Gems is a holiday home specialist offering a rich variety of more than 180 properties.

These range from idyllic countryside retreats for couples to spacious sea view properties that can accommodate up to 20 guests.

Among them are the company's 'Eco-Conscious Gems', providing a robust selection of environmentally conscious holiday options without forgoing luxury.

More information about Cornish Gems, its sustainability initiatives, and B Corp accreditation can be found on the company’s website.