Plans to breathe new life into Truro by transforming empty or dilapidated properties into new sustainable places for people to live and work in the city centre have taken a major step forward.

The official launch of the New Life for City Buildings project led by Truro City Council, will help to revitalise the city centre by refurbishing, renovating and repurposing empty spaces above shops and on the edge of the city.

Truro is one of four places in Cornwall to be awarded a share of the £3.6bn Town Deal funding by the Government as part of its Levelling Up ambition, securing £23.6 million to regenerate the city and boost the local economy.

Wholly owned by the City Council, Truro Regeneration Company will be responsible for assessing applications and distributing grants to owners and landlords looking to transform the upper floors of their buildings to create new high quality living space in the city centre, and where appropriate, buying and regenerating unused buildings so they can then be resold rather than lying empty.

Details of the grant scheme and application process are currently being finalised, with an invitation to owners and landlords to submit Expressions of Interest for grant support expected to be published later this month.

Landlords and owners of properties will be expected to contribute at least 50% of the cost of the works and will be responsible for overseeing the construction.

All applications for grants will be considered by the TRC board against the criteria set out in the funding agreement between Truro City Council and the Truro Towns Fund.

“The New Life for City Buildings project provides a fantastic opportunity to create a thriving city centre by bringing new life to our historic buildings and encouraging more people into our Great Little City,” said Cllr Swain.

As well as leading on the New Life for City Buildings project, Truro City Council is also developing the Boscawen Sport and Recreation Hub Town Deal project which will provide new and improved indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities at Boscawen Park.