A bus company has warned it expects “significant disruption” to its services when work starts to replace broken sewers along Penryn’s busiest road on Monday.

OTS Bus & Coach say that work along Commercial Road by South West Water will delay its services by up to 40 minutes. The work starts on January 15 and will last until March 28.

In a Facebook post, OTS warned passengers: “From Monday 15th January until 28th March we are anticipating significant disruption to our services caused by four-way traffic lights on Commercial Road, Penryn whilst works take place to correct the reoccurring sewerage issues there.

“When we have experienced emergency closures in this area before we have seen services delayed by up to 40 minutes.

“This time, we are assured that active and dynamic traffic management will help improve the situation.

Falmouth Packet: OTS warns there could be delays of up to 40 minutesOTS warns there could be delays of up to 40 minutes

“As such, from Monday we will do all we can to operate a normal timetable and protect other parts of our network from knock-on delays.

“However, we will be using the first week as a gauge for the weeks to come. We are a smaller business and we simply can't sustain the huge daily cost of operating extra buses for 11 weeks, and we will make adjustments to our schedules if we need to.

The company asks passengers to be patient and says they always do their best in stressful circumstances.

It says services 64, 64A, 65 and 65A are likely to experience knock-on delays and they are likely to make adjustments to the routes or timetables of services 69 and 69A, but they won't know to what degree until they see how it goes.


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They urge motorists to use an alternative route if they can and avoid Commercial Road to minimise delays for those who have no choice but to be there.

South West Water says it will also have to close Eastwood Road for the duration of the work for the safety of the public and the teams working there.

They also warn this type of work is noisy and produces dust, with pneumatic drills being used frequently.

All businesses will remain open and accessible, but going on what has gone before when roadworks were there, it could hit trade.

South West says its sewerage system is showing its age and is in need of upgrading. It says this is especially true of the sewer running from the pumping station in Penryn.

Following a number of bursts in the past few years, it's reached the end of its working life and needs replacing.