VOLUNTEER crews from Falmouth Lifeboat were called out on Wednesday to assist with a medical emergency onboard a chemical tanker. 

The tanker was anchored in Carrick Roads when HM Coastguard paged Falmouth Lifeboat for assistance with a medical emergency onboard. 

Falmouth's all-weather lifeboat launched at 6:47pm and arrived at the chemical tanker at 7pm where two of lifeboat crew members administered care to the casualty. 

A rescue helicopter was also tasked from Newquay to help transfer the casualty to the hospital rapidly and, upon arrival, the casualty was winched onto the helicopter and taken to hospital. 

In an update posted on its social media page, Falmouth Lifeboat said: "Our volunteer crew were paged at 6.34pm last night following a request by HM Coastguard, Falmouth, to assist with a medical emergency onboard a chemical tanker, bunkering whilst at anchor in Carrick Roads.

"Our all-weather lifeboat launched at 6.47pm, arriving alongside the vessel 13 minutes later, where two lifeboat crew members were transferred to the casualty vessel to administer casualty care.

"Falmouth Coastguard had also tasked the CG rescue helicopter from Newquay, for rapid transfer of the casualty to hospital.

"The helicopter lowered a paramedic to help with the situation and once stable the casualty was winched to the helicopter for the short trip to hospital.

"Our crew members were recovered to the lifeboat which was then released by the Coastguard, returning to station by 8.35pm."